Jane McCormick, Author, Activist & Public Speaker

Jane’s played a big part in our American history during the 1960s and today is an inspiration to all women who seek equality and want to fight against women’s violence.

Jane McCormick and Patti Wicklund, authors of Breaking My Silence, Confessions of a Rat Pack Party Girl and Sex Trade SurvivorIn 2004, Patti found the picture of Jane and the Rat Pack on the internet and she began to research and write Jane's true life story.  In 2007, they completed, "Breaking My Silence, Confessions of a Rat Pack party girl and sex-trade survivor."

Since 2007, Jane has been interviewing on radio shows in the United States, to teach the public about how they can join together in protecting our loved ones from being exploited by the perpetrators involved in "Human Trafficking, Prostitution, and Domestic Violence."  Together they do book signings and speak at many establishments in Minnesota.

Attendees have included the FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, ICE, IRS, US Secret Service, Homeland Security, USPS, psychologists, high school teens, family members of the survivor, health care professionals, just to name a few.

On February 29, and she will be on The History 2 program called, “10 Thing You Don’t Know About: The Rat Pack.

March, 2012, Patti received a grant from Suburban Community Channels in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, to produce programs based on abuse.  These programs will bring out the awarness of abuse from abused women and it will educate the public about the programs that help defend and help women.

October 4, 2012, Jane and Patti received a Suburban Community Channels Award for "Community Involvement". Programs that highlight, victims, education emergency shelters, support services and communtiy advocacy for victims and authors who write books about various subjects related to survival.

In 2013, Jane and Patti are close to completing the second book.